TIe Dye And Color T shirts available!!!!

Hand Colored. Each one is a bit different.

Hand Colored. Each one is a bit different.

Join our 6 t-shirt purchasers! They clicked all the right buttons, and - WHOOSH- we sent them a beautiful tshirt!  100% cotton, cool original art by Bill Ronalds White T-Shirts are $17 (including shipping!) Tie Dyes are $22(including shipping!) Click here.

New Show on Wednesday Nights at 9pm: Progressions

Join Nick Baam every Wednesday night at 9pm (right after Matinicus Wannabe) for music with a progressive bent and opinion with a rock 'n' roll bent!

Tune IN

Tune IN

Tune In is BACK!!

If you are still having some issues with Tune In (you shouldn't), here is the URL:


You can also use our little player in the left hand corner!!

World in Song is a bit different...do you like it?  Let us know.  I will be adding music daily for awhile until we build up the library to its old level.

Thank you everyone for your support and help!!!