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Meat & Potatoes Thursdays 8AM

A new show for WRFR, called "Meat and Potatoes." Sonja Sleeper will be your host.  This show is about the basics of what, who and where’s even the occasional why.  But what does that mean? Topics to be discussed can be anything; how about some practical tips on modern etiquette?  Ecology? When to clear your yard in the spring for optimum overwintering creature survival. How about a better understanding of the mysteries of property appraisal?

This is educational with a bit of humor, so we can all have a better understanding of the world around us via the little things. I came up with this idea because for me the day to day practicalities just weren’t there. We need to know more about the world around us with out headlines and sound bites or a sales pitch.  I will not pretend to be an expert or have a degree in the topic but I do promise to have done my homework.   The format is not fully developed now, it will be a work in progress, there will be some music mixed in, a random thoughts section and a central topic to start.  



Happy Birthday!

WRFR celebrates 15 years on the air!  Keep checking back for news about how we are celebrating! (We will be waiting for more stable weather in the spring, summer and fall!) 


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