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Dowling Walsh Hosting Shawn Fields & Elizabeth Fox

Opening Friday September 1st from 5-8pm in conjunction with

Rockland First Friday Art Walk.


Shawn Fields’s current group of paintings are visual descriptions of experiences that symbolize what humanity has in common. In order to recreate these experiences in paint, Fields finds the objects unique to him, that will serve as a building blocks for a narrative. A specific TV, an Afghan blanket, a 1981 Grand Marquis, are collected, arranged; figures are introduced to the composition who can interact with these visual cues, magnify them, and bring them to life. Fields’s goal in every painting is to preserve the original inspiration, the idea that sparked the painting. The editing, and honing, of this idea results in the drawing (and redrawing) which supports each finished painting– a result that Fields hopes most clearly communicates the idea. The studio props, sketches, loose and final paintings here, show in detail the source and the process of Shawn’s work.



My paintings are deceptively simple, using a fresh color palette and hyper-defined subject matter to draw you in, there’s also a sense of isolation with ample negative space and rhythmic placement of objects and figures.

Tensions are introduced to question sexual, gender, and age relation. These questions are left unanswered as to who or what is the dominant power. This is to show pivotal moments with humor and all of our human strengths and vulnerabilities.

(Artist's Statement)

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