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Hand Colored. Each one is a bit different.

Hand Colored. Each one is a bit different.

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Dinner Symposia 1/18

food sovereignty ordinance

This Wednesday, January 18, at 5 pm WRFR’s Rockland Metro show will host a radio conversation with Rockland City Counselor Valli Geiger, sponsor of the food sovereignty ordinance before the Council. Counselor Larry Pritchet, who has opposed the measure, has also been invited to participate. The question will be: Should Rockland enact a food sovereignty ordinance?


Geiger’s food sovereignty ordinance, which passed in first reading, exempts Rockland’s farmers and consumers from Federal and State rules which restrict their right to produce, distribute, and consume food among themselves, rules which proponents argue are often made under the influence of industrial food corporations. Similar food sovereignty ordinances have been passed by a number of smaller Maine towns, but Rockland would be the first Maine city to do so.

The legal effect of these ordinances is debated. Some argue that State and Federal law must take precedence, while others argue that Maine law explicitly encourages local food self-sufficiency and gives precedence to municipal ordinances which do not “frustrate the purpose” of Maine law.

WRFR can be heard in Rockland at 93.3 FM and in Camden at 99.3 FM. Following the radio broadcast, the conversation will continue at a dinner symposium, open to the public, hosted by the Old School.

Dinner symposia at the Old School are free. Participation in each symposium is limited to twelve, so places must be reserved in advance. Participants must also be ready to help: the dinner is prepared, and the dishes washed, in collaboration. To reserve a place at the table, interested persons are invited to contact Robert Lichtman: sugarhollowglass@earthlink.net.

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Tune IN

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