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Seth Walton

Seth Walton

Seth Walton on WRFR and at Old School dinner symposium this Friday

This Friday, May 20, radio station WRFR, 93.3 fm, and Rockland's Old School will host Seth Walton, teacher and career advisor at the Mid-Coast School of Technology. Walton will participate in a broadcast interview from 4 to 5 pm on the Rockland Metro show, and then join an Old School dinner symposium beginning at 5:15 pm. The topic for the symposium is “what is a good life?”

Walton has worn many hats.  He is or has been a Maine Guide, sailor, dive master, emergency medical technician, shipwright, furniture maker, carpenter, painter, stonemason, master gardener, legislative performance auditor, chef, yoga instructor, entomological survey technician, management consultant for the federal government, and VISTA volunteer. 

Walton believes his diverse experience gives him a unique ability to relate to people from many backgrounds.  He is a strong advocate for his students and works to expand opportunities for all our community's youth.

WRFR’s Rockland Metro show each week invites a guest to bring a unique perspectives on life in and around Rockland. Guests on the show are invited also to participate as special guests at an Old School dinner symposium following the show.

Dinner symposia at the Old School are free and open to the public. Participation in each symposium is limited to twelve, so participants must reserve their place in advance. Participants must also be ready to help. The dinner is prepared, and served - and the dishes washed - in collaboration by the participants. To reserve a place at the table for this Friday’s dinner symposium with Seth Walton, interested persons are invited to contact Robert Lichtman at sugarhollowglass@earthlink.net.