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TWO new shows!!!

Wild Vibrations radio Weds 8-10 pmMac Walton

Wild Vibrations Radio is an eclectic and ever-changing mix of rock, soul, punk, R&B, rap, afrobeat, salsa, funk, synthesizers, drum machines, and horns to make you dance around the room or the car or wherever you are.  Playing new music, old music, and everything in between music.  Requests encouraged: tweet @radiwild.

Break the Anchor Tuesdays (in English) and Thursdays (in Portuguese) 10-11pm with Joao ("JB") Bentes

Twice a week after the moonrise in Rockland, there are waves and salt, boatbuilders and sailors, local stories or tells from far away oceans through splashes of Rock, Surf-Rock, Garage and Punk. All in to Break the Anchor.

Tune in … and break the anchor

Partir a ancora

Depois do Luar, duas vezes por semana, há ondas e sal, construtores navais e velejadores, histórias locais ou contos de oceanos distantes entre salpicos de Rock, Surf-Rock, Garage e Punk. Tudo para Partir a Ancora, 

Terças em Inglês das 22-23H (03-04H hora de Lisboa) e Quinta-Feira pela mesma hora em português com João Bentes.

Aparece e Parte a Âncora