Carol ann will host her tribute show for Barry

Carol ann will host her tribute show for Barry

Jo Lindsay  In Town Tunes

Jo Lindsay  In Town Tunes

Teresa Piccari


Every now and then things are happening at WRFR!  Check back regularly to see what's new, what's old and what we hope to do!

New Show! Fridays 11am-1pm

World Wide Lunch Break - Stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs in technology, the zero-day threats to cyber security, and the changing tides of the world wide web. Jason Scott McLean wants to hear your perspective on the news and answer your tech questions. Call-ins are welcome.


In Town Tunes is switching days!

You can now listen to Jo and all her Maine music on THURSDAYS 9AM Midcoast Maine’s local music show. Jo plays local musicians from the midcoast area, and  musicians playing in the area in the up coming weeks. If you don’t think there is a lot of music in the midcoast area you’re not listening!


21st Century Bohemian Tuesdays 6-7pm

Teresa's 21st Century Bohemian radio show will be a companion piece to the column by the same name she has written for 10 years, in which she explores creativity and creative process, featuring interviews with the late Maya Angelou(The Artist's Way author) Julia Cameron, and Shakti Gawain, founder of New World Library publishing company and author of Creative Visualization.

Each Tuesday from 6 pm to 7 pm, she will explore, express and celebrate all things creative. Listen in as she hosts local writers, musicians and other artists live on the air. Teresa will also be conducting interviews with creatives from the bigger world via live phone or prerecorded conversations. 

Tune in to find out how other creatives do what they do. How do they get inspired or keep going when the aren't? What really goes into creating a single piece of art or a creative body of work? What are their views on learned skills versus innate talent and ability? How do they nurture and protect their creative work? What about the money part of art? What role do artists serve in society? How do they help instill order and beauty in times of cultural chaos? Why does art matter? What are the tools of their trade and their trade secrets? How did they begin? How do they navigate the world as an artist? What comes next?

She will round out her show with her own perspective on creativity and creative process from her writing career and 20 years as a writing instructor and coach - offering a diverse palette of workshops including Memoir, Creative Writing, Heroic Quest, Creative Process, Creative Daybook, Illustrated Journal and Engaging the Goddess.

She will also offer some original writing prompts for listeners and creativity exercises they can try out. Audience members will also be able to call in and ask questions of guest artists and Teresa.

When she signs off each week, it is Teresa's biggest hope that the show will have inspired even one person who listened in to pick up a pen and write words that reflect their humanity, to take a camera out in the world and make a soulful photograph, to craft a melody and words that mesh seamlessly, to sculpt a beautiful and intriguing piece, to paint an image that is thoughtful and moving, or to tell a story they were too afraid to tell before.  



Happy Birthday!

WRFR celebrates 15 years on the air!  Keep checking back for news about how we are celebrating! (We will be waiting for more stable weather in the spring, summer and fall!) 


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